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Usui Reiki Master Attunement


Usui Reiki Master distant attunement to enable you to teach reiki and attune others

Attunement can be carried out any day you chose. You also receive the detailed manual covering much more than reiki (see reiki attunements page for more details) certificate in the post, on going support when required and linear chart

 Receive FREE ebooks with any purchase online, hundreds to choose from including Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, Abraham Hicks, Nirmala, Gina Lake, David Hawkins, Greg Braden, Richard Brodie, Joseph Murphy, Deborah King, Nelson Bradley, Donna Eden, Tony Robbins, Brent Phillips, Napoleon Hill and hundreds more

Reiki Course details

Distant attunement can be carried out any day you chose. The distant attunements and attunements in person are exactly the same. My attunements consist of using traditional and none traditional symbols and other methods what I have found to enhance the healing making it much more powerful

Tutor support and ongoing support when required

Accredited Course: Recognised Diploma / certificate in the post to enable you to practise reiki should you wish

Price includes:-
Crystals / crystal healing
Colour therapy
Chakra balancing / chakras (main energy centers of the body)
Tips for before, during and after healing
Sending distant healing and much more
Linear Chart
All certificates sent in the post

If you wish to use the other therapies at the same time as practising reiki to obtain balance and with continued use maintain that balance on yourself and others. The information enables you to advise the person being healed what colours their health and well being would benefit from wearing, eating, placing in the environment etc that really will make a difference in balancing the chakra which may be out of balance

On going support when required

You can do the attunements any time you wish great as a gift idea too 

Nothing complicated to study or learn however the manuals cover everything you can possibly wish to know and much more should you chose to refer back to them anytime. Reiki is more of an attunement than a course and the learning really begins once attuned and you start using reiki on yourself and others. The more you use it the more you will discover

There is also a choice of hundreds of interesting Ebooks to chose from free with any course

The manuals cover much more than Reiki and include everything I have discovered over the 20 years of teaching and practising Reiki around the world in person and distant

Learning Reiki will change your Life in so many positive ways and encourage many positive changes which may be long over due

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